Daniela Zannet

Airdrie, Alberta Canada


I have always been the Artistic type. I love music, languages, fashion, and art. In fact, I think I failed a couple classes in high school because I was more interested in music.


Drawing and Painting comes natural to me. My family has it in them. My younger sister is an incredible photographer. My mom has her own amazing designer wedding cake and cupcake company. (www.smartycakes.ca) I have cousins that are artists and tattoo artists. It runs in the family for sure. After many years in the work force, I went to University where I got my Bachelor of Interior Design Degree. 


While I still have a day job that I enjoy, my true love is painting. I would paint every day if I could. My favorite medium is acrylic on canvas. I would love to be able to do something custom for you.  Please contact me for pricing.

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