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Daniela Zannet

Airdrie, Alberta Canada


I have always been the Artistic type. I love music, languages, fashion, and art. In fact, I think I failed a couple classes in high school because I was more interested in music and art.


Drawing and painting comes natural to me. I have a very talented family. My younger sister is an incredible photographer and now owns and operates a successful charcuterie inspired jam and jelly company. ( My mom has her own amazing designer wedding cake and cupcake company. ( I have cousins that are artists and tattoo artists. It runs in the family for sure. After many years in the work force, I went to University where I got my Bachelor of Interior Design Degree. 


While I still have a day job that I enjoy, my true love is painting and resin work. I would paint every day if I could. One of my favorite mediums is resin on wood. I have done art walls with resin charcuterie boards for Chop Steak house in Ottawa, Sherwood Park, and Saskatoon and done work for the Calgary Health Foundation. I would love to be able to do something custom for you.  Please contact me for pricing.

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