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If you are looking for a resin charcuterie board, please contact me. I have many colours of pigment, metallics and all sorts of sparkles. Please note, colours may differ slightly from your computer/phone screen.


Right now I have a small inventory of acaica wood boards avalible and Canadian maple in different shapes and sizes.


The boards range in price between $45 - $200 depending on the size and work being done on the board. Please contact me to discuss pricing, boards and colours.


Please allow 2-4 weeks to ship.  I work as quickly as possible on each order, you may receive your order sooner than this time frame. 


If you require your item sooner, please let me know.  If your order is not a local pickup, expidited shipping will be at your cost.


Thank you!


xo  Dani


Custom Charcuterie Boards

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